Art Show

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The OCHS started an Art Show in 2004 to showcase artists who had some connection to Oconto County.  Some were current residents, some had lived here but didn’t any longer, and some were from the county’s past.  The art encompassed a variety of genres and was displayed throughout the House and Annex.

In 2013 an exhibit of wedding attire from the Museum’s collection was presented in the Home so the Art Show was kept to the Annex.  In 2015 the new Carriage House and meeting room was built.  The art continued to be in the Annex and Main Street exhibits but it was clear that the new configuration was awkward.  So, in 2017 the Art Show was displayed exclusively in the meeting room.

With social distance measures necessary in 2020, OCHS decided to forgo the Art Show but instead has pictures of the past art on the website.  This, of course, is not the best platform to show them but it is a way to see them again or perhaps for the first time.  Check out the links below to see the art of Oconto County’s talented artists.

Mae Adams

Kathryn Alwin

Mary Anderson

Stu Anderson

Donna Baird: 2004-2014, 2015-2019

Rod Barta

Kathie Beschta

Amber Bohlman

Rose Bowen

Peggy Zantow Bredeson: Formerly of Oconto; 2007, 2008 “Window Watching Cats” & “Three ‘Grate’ Cats”; 2010 Carved, painted gourd (photos unavailable)

Lola Bridger

Barb Byron

Virgil Christopherson

Lisa Clark

Beth Cody

Margaret Dakins

Edna Damkoehler

Lee Damkoehler

Kathleen Daniels

Rose DeHut

Sarah Denis

Shirley Dodds

Dick Doeren

Jamie Doeren

Tina Driscoll

Norma Edwards: 2007, 2010 Hand painted miniature tea set and oil painting (photos unavailable)

George Ferris

Diane Fite

Richard Fite

Marilyn Gering

Jocelyn Gerndt

Genevieve Gogat

Millie Gohr

Dee Graveen

Linda Green: Oconto; 2008, 2010 oil landscapes (photos unavailable)

Georgia Grenke

Emily Hall

Mildred Hall

Linda Halla

M.C. Hansen

Jean Hartman: 2005 crocheted doily, pineapple design (photo unavailable)

Gene Heezen: 2005 Carving of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Ox.  Pictures of Uncle Joe Holl (photo unavailable)

Amy Heider

Bob Heiser

Jill Hermsen

Carol Heroux

Elaine Heroux

Jim Heroux

David Hipwell

Lee Hockers

Eileen Hoehne

A. J. Hood

Charlotte Ihde

Rebecca Jeske

Jane Klozotsky

Tracey Kostreva

Violet Laduron

Jane Larson

Charlene Meier

Roy Meier

Shari Merline: Oconto; 2010 Photographic collage (photo unavailable)

Orville James Meyer

Susan Meyer: 2008 2 oil paintings and a stained glass mirror (photos unavailable)

Paul Murphy

Jim Nennant

Jake Neta

New View

Diane Nichols

Audrey O’Harrow

Marion Olsen

Alan & Ginny Orr: Oconto; 2008 Two photographs “Great Blue Heron in Flight” & “Morning Take-Off at Marsh” (photos unavailable)

Karen Parens

Jim Perrizo

Karen Pfundtner: 2005 Woven Overshot Coverlet “Orange Peel” pattern and woven rug, reminiscent of birch tree bark (photos unavailable)

Donna Pinkart

Betsy Popp

Bridget Poquette: Formerly of Oconto; 2010 Abstract painting (photo unavailable)

Evelyn Radwan

Randy Rasmussen

Bruce Retzlaff: 2008-2015, 2016-2019

Rosemary Rice

Lois Riemer

Audrey Rietz: Late of Oconto; 2019 “Big Bend” oil painting (photo unavailable)

Pat Rodal

Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes

Bill Saucier

George Schmidt

Tracy Schuh: Abrams; 2007 3 items of fiber art (photos unavailable)

Kim Seizyk

Mina Skaggs Sergenian

Lily Silver

Lyndon “Bud” Smith: Formerly of Oconto; 2007 scroll saw pictures (photos unavailable)

Gayle Smoot

Josh Spice

Pam Stevens

Bill Strutz

Mavis Suring

Louis Van Hulle

Kasey Van Trump: Gillett; 2008 Mariners Compass Quilt Block and Crazy quilt

Janelle Vanderkelen

Stella Couillard Vlies

Gladys Werner

Kitty Werner

Mike Werner

Joan White

Pat Williams

Michelle Witt

Mary “Irene” Wittkopf

Mildred Wohlk

Shannon Wojchiechowski

Illma Young

Bill Zantow: Formerly of Oconto; 2010 Fall photograph (photo unavailable)

Florence Zantow

Rachel Ziberus

Dawna Zingler